Europe Gets Surprisingly Great PS3 Bundle

eurobundle.jpgSCEE have announced a new PS3 bundle for the European market (bear with us, for the moment we've only got UK pricing). While a standalone 40GB PS3 will at the moment set you back £299, for £350 you can get a "Pick N Mix" bundle, which contains 40GB PS3 and two games. And no, not two rubbish games, either! You get to choose from a list, which while including stinkers like Genji, Formula 1, Lair, and previous bundle stars MotorStorm and Resistance, also includes SingStar (the expensive one, with included mics), Ratchet & Clank, Folklore, Warhawk and, best of all, 2007 NQGOTY Uncharted. Two top-shelf first-party titles for 50 quid? Expect this bundle to go down very well when it's launched on January 18.
Sony launches new bargain PS3 bundle [MCV]


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