Even The Queen Plays the Wii

thequeen.jpg No, I'm not talking about Tom Cruise. I mean THE Queen as in "The Queen of England." According to UK online gossip rag The People, Prince William was given a Wii for Christmas by his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Once it was all set up and playable, the Queen decided she wanted to have a go at bowling and apparently quite enjoyed it. If The People is to be believed (and really, the way the article is written gives them the credibility level of The National Inquirer) the Queen is quite a gadgeteer owning a cell phone, Blackberry and even an iPod that holds 100,000 songs. Now, the real question here isn't whether or not the story is 100% true (which, if you ask me, is up for debate) but more interestingly, what exactly does the Queen have on her iPod?

MAKE WAY FOR THE Q Wii N [The People] [via Videogamer.com]


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