Everything You Wanted To Know About The Wizard

the_wizard_poster.jpgFred Savage and Nintendo Power Glove vehicle The Wizard has at least one uber die hard fan in Ain't It Cool News' Monki. The movie is due for a screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas next month, with director Todd Holland joining stars Fred Savage and Luke Edwards for the showing. The director was recently interviewed by AICN to get a fanboy friendly inside look at the production of the movie, including some details on Nintendo's involvement.

What may have seemed like a 90-minute commercial written by Nintendo suits may have actually been a different story. Seems that the Big N was at the movie studio's beck and call, hopping to whenever the director needed Super Mario Bros. 3 footage or a backup Power Glove. Also, I didn't know Tobey Maguire made an appearance!

You really do learn something new everyday. Unfortunately, today it's about The Wizard.

Monki talks with Todd Holland, director of The Wizard! [AICN]


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