Expert Weighs In On FPSBrain Gaming Enhancement Pills

product.gifWe let you know about the first official gamer-focused performance enhancer on the market, FPSBrain, earlier this month. The product makes bold claims, promising a "remarkable increase in perception and reaction capacities." Now MTV has called in an expert to evaluate the product. The verdict: FPSBrain pills are basically like energy drinks without as much caffeine. But that doesn't mean that they are the epitome of health. According to dietitian Danielle Marzano, such a product could be detrimental if taken in high doses or mixed with energy drinks:

In addition to caffeine, most...[energy]drinks contain a high sugar content. In combination these ingredients can cause a rush that will eventually come crashing down. Those sensitive to caffeine may even become dizzy and shaky. Taking this pill with an energy drink or taking more than the recommended dosage may cause these effects.

So if you really want to be a better gamer, we recommend you do so the old fashioned way. And cheat.

A Pill That Makes You A Better 'Halo' Player? The Makers And An Expert Weigh In [MTVMultiplayer]


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