Explaining Away The Flood Of Crappy Wii Games

Explaining Away The Flood Of Crappy Wii Games
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bog.jpgIn case you’re oblivious to the rows of unfamiliar, familiar (PS2 rehashes) and cheap shovelware lining the Wii’s software shelves, know this: there’s a glut of awful games coming out for the Wii over the next few months. What began as a trickle at the system’s launch is cascading into a churning, roaring river of shit, as publishers strive to make a quick buck from the system’s ever-increasing popularity. But – provided you’re the type to get upset at this kind of behaviour – should you really be blaming them? Paul Rinde, CEO of Destineer, one such “gold rush” publisher, says no:

Let’s put it this way. There has not been a Wii title we’ve offered [retailers]that they’ve not agreed to support so far…With DS, retailers are being more selective. It’s a more mature system…. There are a lot more titles for the DS so retailers are a little pickier. And I think going into 2008 with Wii titles they will start to do that as well.

So if you’re somehow feeling angry, and upset, and betrayed, and any other negative feelings over the amount of crap winding up on the Wii, remember: it takes two to tango. Three, if you want to count Average Joe Public, to whom a $US 20 game is better than a $US 50 game because it saves him $US 30.
Nintendo Drought Turns Into Nintendo Flood [MTV]


  • I remember the same thing happening when the PS2 and XBox came out. It appears the Wii has raised the bar, and software developers have a way to go before they are able to produce games which have the quality of games Nintendo is producing on their own console.

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