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To: Bash From: Crecente Re: The Best Work Music Is...

Over the past week or so I have become increasingly obsessed with converting all of my CDs to MP3s. This isn't a new project, mind you, but rather a severe case of deja vu. I have actually converted my hundreds strong CD collection into MP3s at least three times already and it always takes me weeks to get done. But I have always failed to back it up. Every. Single. Time. You'd think I'd learn my lesson, but no, I'm an idiot.

I've done this conversion so many times that my physical collection of CDs has become an enormous mess. Nothing is in any semblance of order. So as I work throughout the day I'm exposed to a very eclectic, bizarre increasingly dated mix of music as I slap one CD after another into the computer. For instance, while writing this day note I replaced a Heart CD with a jazz album featuring Ella Fitzgerald and then that with Iron Butterfly. Ohp, CDs done, need to pop in some Kitaro.

I need to check out Brian Eno, it's got to be better than Kon Kan.

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