Facebook Asked to Pull Scrabble Game


Hasbro, the makers of the word game Scrabble, have asked Facebook to remove its popular online take on the game, Scrabulous because of copyright infringement.

"Letters have been sent to Facebook in the United States regarding the Scrabulous application," said a Mattel spokeswoman in Britain.

"Mattel values its intellectual property and actively protects its brands and trademarks.

"As Mattel owns the rights to the Scrabble trademark outside the United States and Canada, we are currently reviewing our position regarding other countries."

Hmm, while it may seem silly, I believe Scrabble is an entirely original game, as in it's not one of these throw-offs of games created in the middle ages or ancient china. I wonder if they makers of Scrabulous can get away with a name change only?

Facebook Asked to Remove 'Scrabulous' [NYT]


    I have just recently purchased a brand new top of the range Scrabble board game licenced to Mattel, as I fell in love with the on-line Scrabulous game site, and am now wondering how Mattel can be so greeeeedy. To stop the promotional aspects of on-line Scrabble seems pointless to me, it can only sell more products for Mattel in the long run as FREE on-line Scrabble can hook more people WORLDWIDE. WHY WHY WHY ???

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