Fallout 2 Gets Unofficial Fan Expansion

The diehard, almost fanatical fellows over at the post-apocalyptic fansite No Mutants Allowed have released an impressive and extensive mod for Interplay/Black Isle Studios' RPG classic, Fallout 2. NMA considers it an expansion of sorts, as it fleshes out a lot of incomplete areas in the game and even adds entirely new places, such as a residential area in The Den.

I didn't think it was possible for Fallout 2 to get any better. It's like improving on perfect, or near perfection. The only thing more awesome would be melding dinosaurs with Transformers.

Oh wait, that's a Dinobot, right?

Fallout 2 Restoration Project (Unofficial FO 2 Expansion) [No Mutants Allowed, via Blue's News]


    Yup. 11/10 for this.

    "Grimlock STRONGEST of Dinobots!"

    Nice find dude. Haven't played it in a while but I'm certain Fallout 2 nearly cause me to fail my end of school exams...

    LOL seems i always started playing before exams too. Unconsiously knowing it will spell disaster!!!

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