Family Death Means No New Year's Celebrations

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Kansas to Colorado... and Home

Ahoy! Long time no Night Note. I'm back in Asia — spent the last two days in Osaka for New Year's, but now I'm in Seoul, interviewing people for a magazine article. Didn't do much for New Year's, which is a huge deal in Japan. The entire country shuts down for a three or four days. Since my wife's grandmother passed away, we are actually not supposed to celebrate New Year's at all. Like, we're not even supposed to wish people Happy New Year's. Next year, we'll be back to business as usual — making rice cakes, going to temples and shrines, eating special New Year's food and whatnot. That is, if no one else in the family passes away in 2008. :(

I'm out to find stuff to eat! Good stuff.

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