Far Cry 2 Details Get Hazy

Picture%203.pngFar Cry 2, that game coming to both PCs and 360/PS3, has spilled some gameplay beans to Edge in the most recent issue. And a game that sounded promising before just got a whole lot more interesting.

While video games often present a clean and polished atmosphere, Far Cry 2 presents a world that "isn't this clean, sterile, digital representation of Africa." Guns jam and wounds that are left untreated become fatal. As for leveling up your character, that plotline begins to sound a bit like Haze.

Early on, your character will become infect with malaria. Through the game, your weakened character will become stronger after encounters with medicine to treat said malaria. So far, so good.

But if your character loses access to said medicine, he begins to mutate into a viscous vomiting mutant—a plotline of chemical dependence not so thematically different from what we've seen of Haze. Hopefully this transformation is offered as a gameplay choice or risk/reward instead of simply a necessary linear path. But all in all, Far Cry 2 is sounding fairly enticing.

Fresh gameplay details uncovered for the Africa-set sequel [gamesradar]


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