Far Cry 2 Won't Ruin Itself With Mutants

DIEMUTANT.jpgFar Cry was great! Lazy tropical sunshine, garish shirts, great gunplay...oh, wait. No, then they bring in monsters, and the game is totally ruined. The balance, the fun, the bad-80's-action-movie-vibe, all gone. So it's not great. Thankfully Ubisoft, who are handling the development of the game's sequel, are aware of this. And have promised not to do it again, with Far Cry 2 producer Lois-Pierre Pharand re-assuring us "Don't expect mutants as some surprise later on". Lois-Pierre, that is the best piece of Far Cry related news we've heard in years.
New Far Cry 2 details emerge [Edge, via CVG]


    The monster were great, dont dis this amazing game. It owns. The monsters add fear and make give the game and edge which nio story has. Just fighting men is boring and once you've killed one man u can kill them all. The trigens are a new and interstignchallenge.

    I agreed i like a sence of realisim. I hate when all of a sudden there are mutants it just ruins it. If thees going to be mutants it should start with mutants lol but each to their own :D

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