Final Fantasy Potion (With Added Vomit)

Square Enix and Japanese beverage maker Suntory teamed up twice to release Final Fantasy Potion, which is nothing more than a rebranding of Suntory's energy drinks. Most Westerns who tried the Final Fantasy Potions found them rather unsavory. But, that's how all Japanese energy drinks taste: Unsavory! A Japanese dude in a horse mask decided to do one better and use the Final Fantasy Potion as a key ingredient in an energy potion of his own, complete with a hundred bucks worth of energy drinks and various supplements — and even chopped garlic! (Yum.) The concoction was cooked and then poured into a single glass. The guy apparently drinks it and apparently throws up a few times. "Apparently", because he is wearing a horse mask. This clip ain't for the squeamish!


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