Final Fantasy XIII 2008 Release Date Rumours "Erroneous"

ffxiii_rumor_smash.jpgOne of the best jokes we've heard at the Kotaku offices in a long time was the one in which Final Fantasy game director Motomu Toriyama had "promised" the thirteenth chapter of the series in 2008. Hilarious! Square Enix, on the other hand, wasn't exactly filled with laughter when mistranslations of a recent Famitsu article made their way online. It issued a statement today on chatter that this year would see the release of the ambitious PlayStation 3 RPG, writing that reports on Final Fantasy XIII's ship date were "erroneous and should be disregarded."

As far as a playable FFXIII demo? We're not holding our collective breath on that one either, as the team was hoping for something playable last summer according to reports from Dengeki.



    dam thats not good news, i got a ps3 just for the fact FF13 was comeing out oh well can anyone tell me any decend rpgs out/come out soon on the ps3 ?.
    i have enchanted arms , darkness and folk lore at the momment which all are pritty dencent (especialy enchanted arms which im in the middle of right now)

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