Final Fantasy's Chocobo Goes Rubbery, Ducky

rubber_chocobo.jpgForemost Final Fantasy fowl the Chocobo has been many things, but I'm frankly surprised it's taken Square Enix this for it to be a suitable rubber ducky replacement, as is the Uki Uki Chocobo. The feathered friend flotation device measures 2.95" x 3.54" x 3.54", according to importer National Console Support, and ships in mid-April. Uki Uki Chocobo follows the precious design style of the Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon series for the low, low price of $US 13.50.

Five bucks that Phil Harrison's already put in for a gross. Friends and relatives should never again moan that I'm too hard shop for, for this is all one would need to make bath time fun again. That and bubbles.

Uki Uki Chocobo [NCSX]


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