Finally, Pole Position Comes To iPod

pole_position_ipod.jpgRemember iPod gaming? Yes, it continues to be quite the punchline, but publishers are still giving it a go, with Namco releasing Pole Position Remix via the iTunes store today. The driving game controlled with the (get this) iPod wheel is receiving nothing short of piss poor to five-star rave reviews from those who have purchased the arcade remake and taken the time to comment on iTunes. Klee3 says Pole Position Remix is "[the]worst of all the iPod Games that are available now" but razor pod writes "this game is hot so fun and not very hard to control (for Me) so this game is really fun." Looks like someone's having so much fun they can't be bothered to punctuate! Very telling.

It's priced at $US 4.99, which should make many of us thankful for more reasonable prices on fully-featured games via Xbox Live and PSN. Sorry folks who don't have a iPod Nano with video, iPod Classic or fifth generation iPod, you're out of luck.


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