Finally, Someone Pisses On A Wii

wizz.jpgYou may have noticed: the name Wii both looks and sounds like wee. And yet, over a year after it's launch, it's taken this long for me to get to write a story about somebody pissing on their Nintendo console? Shame on you. All of you. Except for 4 year-old Ellis Emsley, of Fleetwood, Lancashire in the UK. Because when he and his six year-old brother were fighting over their new Wii, which they'd somehow got hold of over Christmas, he didn't resort to sulking. Didn't shed a tear. No, when his big brother wouldn't stop hogging the console, he promptly marched into the living room, dropped his drawers and pissed all over it. The family are now left with one inoperative Wii (hopefully not pictured) and one triumphant four year-old.
Boy wees on Wii in revenge attack [Metro, via Go Nintendo]


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