First Devil May Cry 4 Review

DMC4PS3.jpg Sure, reviews don't really matter, do they? Some of you are going to pick up Devil May Cry 4 no matter what. The game's first review hits PSM3 magazine today. From the review:

Most games these days tend to hold your hand all the way through," says PSM3, adding "Devil May Cry is not like that. It'll throw a million demons at you because it wants to, put in half a dozen arbitrary fights in a 30-foot stretch of map, force you to survive for ages on a tiny sliver of health... and then give you a D at the end of the level because you weren't doing enough combos... Weirdest of all, the difficulty curve seems to peak in the middle of the game... There are bits in DMC4 that you'll absolutely love, and bits that you'll hate.

Sounds fun. Game drops January 31st in Japan, February elsewhere.
First DMC4 Review [CVG]


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