Float32 Performance Mod Coming To Crysis

float32.jpgAs part of my research for the STALKER mod guide, I paid a visit to thefloatingpoint.org. If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s home to Float32, a tasty shader modification for GSC Gameworld’s shooter that increases the performance of the game noticeably, while at the same time making it look better.

According to the latest post on the site, the creator of Float32 is working on a shader mod for Crytek’s Crysis. You’ll have to keep that raging bulge of excitement in check for the time being, as we may be waiting a while for the goods:

Crysis is going to take a bit of time, so do not expect drastic changes and improvements for the first few releases as it’s clean slate baby!

Considering we won’t have the hardware to run Crysis at its super maximum settings until say, 2151, this isn’t such a big deal.

Float32 for Crysis and STALKER [thefloatingpoint.org]


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