flOw Coming To PSP Soon?

flow_psp.jpgA listing for a PSP version of the PlayStation 3 game flOw from thatgamecompany has appeared on the UK-centric version of PlayStation.com, indicating that it will appear in January via the PC version of the PlayStation Store. The listing was unearthed by a member of the developer's official forums and elicited a response from team member John Edwards that read "thatgamecompany does not comment on rumor and speculation" followed by one of those little smiley faces that makes the previous sentence ironically informative.

flOw for PSP already has ratings of E from the ESRB and 3+ from PEGI, but the title hasn't been officially announced yet. We've contacted SCEA for more information and will update when we have more.

flOw [PlayStation.com via thatgamecompany forums and NeoGAF]


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