Forget Waldo, Find the Game Characters

bkn_u_2.jpg Okay! Quiz time. This picture features loads of character — mostly anime characters. But! There are some who are either game characters or who have appeared in games. And those ones are...? Impress us in the comments section.
Bigger Version Here [Byonabiv via Danny Choo]


    i see miss sakaki ,chio-chan ,and either osaka or yomi from azumanga diaoh, and....... pikachu (if thats how u spell it)then i see some characters from manabi straight.... but i dont know

    holy cow! there's gundam wing, sailor moon, azumanga diaoh, digimon, cardcaptor sakura, ranma 1/2, magic knight rayearth, .hack//sign, powerpuff girls, orphen, another gundam show (char is in the top left corner), i think i see neon geneis evangelion, wedding peach?, and a few others that i can't think of the names...and i think i see roy (from mario brothers brawl) to the left of the powerpuff girls...

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