Fox Responds to EA, Invites onto News Show

Fox Responds to EA, Invites onto News Show
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20030410-foxnews-lies.jpg This Fox News Mass Effect imbroglio is turning into quite the drama. To bring everyone up to speed: Fox News made erroneous claims about Mass Effect. Game journalist and one-time Kotaku guest editor Geoff Keighley tried to clear the air, but the network’s panel and dime store Freud shrink Cooper Lawrence wouldn’t listen. The internet got angry and spammed her book’s and Barnes&Noble listings. has since turned off the comments and erased user added images for her book’s page.

Electronic Arts, likewise, got upset and called out the news network on its “insulting” inaccuracies. The Fox producer of the segment in question blew off Electronic Arts’ request for a correction. There still hasn’t been a correction or an apology from Fox News. The game publisher added that it won’t back down and will continue to “step up when someone maligns our creative teams”. According to MTV Multiplayer, Fox News issued this statement:

Fox News Channel has extended several invitations to EA through a company representative to appear on Live Desk With Martha MacCallum to discuss Mass Effect and the segment which aired on Monday. We have received no response.

Hey Fox, the point isn’t inviting EA onto your dog and pony show to set the record straight. It’s for you to do that yourself. Get a clue. This is libel.
Sexbox Controversy [MTV Multiplayer][Pic]


  • Journalism?


    Sorry, I had to do it. I don’t think an on air apology will do much as the people who watch Fox “News” are the sort of people that shop at large bulk buy shopping complexes, drive large military SUVs in the suburbs and think Paris Hilton is a role model, who won’t give a crap if they’re wrong because it infringes on their ability to be indignant

  • It will be interesting to see how far EA take this. Initially I was sure they would leave it alone, but they now seem genuinely suprised out our support. They might decide to persue this longer simply because it is an opportunity for them to redeem themselves in the eyes of gamers.

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