Frankenreview: Top 5 Games of the Year Edition

Frankenreview: Top 5 Games of the Year Edition
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Scott_TOH_Champions_with_trophy.jpg2007 has been a crazy awesome year for gamers. While during years gone by we’ve all fallen prey to too much hype and not enough…what’s that word again…fun, the most unexpected part of 2007 was that it lived up to our unreasonably high expectations.

So hit the jump for our Frankenreview, victory lap 2007 edition. We pulled reviewers’ top rated games* from Game Rankings to relive some of our best moments from the year.

Note, on repeat games, we picked the higher ranking platform.


Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) – Gamespy
i_13158.jpgLadies and Gentlemen, we have a winner. Super Mario Galaxy represents the Nintendo Wii’s best release to date, and takes the tried-and-tested formula from Super Mario 64 and Sunshine to a new level of perfection. It’s the single best reason for naysayers to finally take the hardware plunge

The Orange Box (Xbox 360) – Gaming Age
51icyhlLQVL._SS400_.jpgIf one thing is certain, there is not one game out there that offers such a complete package at the regular retail price of a single game. You get 5 outstanding games that give you a little bit of everything, action, story, puzzles, multiplayer, and just flat out addictive content…you would be doing yourself, gamers, and the wonderful developers a great injustice by not buying The Orange Box. Not only is it possibly the best bargain in gaming history, but arguably the best FPS experience of all time…

Bioshock (Xbox 360) – Jolt
515TpLYM23L._SS400_.jpgEven when vastly outnumbered and outgunned, BioShock puts mania before mere survival…yet, that fear of an impending death never fades. The feeling of being watched, of being used, of being nothing but a pawn, balances perfectly with the game’s no-holds-barred approach to combat. It’s this mixture of ambience, emotion and plain old fun that sets BioShock apart from the scores of FPSes hitting the shelves this year…it is one of the most progressive, gripping and downright fun games to hit the market in the last decade.

COD4 (Xbox 360) – Eurogamer
51lSiG%2BtEWL._SS400_-1.jpg…all you really need to know is this a huge return to form for the Call of Duty series, and for war-based FPS titles in general. Even without the vastly impressive multiplayer elements, Modern Warfare would be worth buying for its outstanding single-player campaign. It succeeds not only for being consistently spectacular, but for the way it has been crafted into something that keeps you engaged right to the very end.

Halo 3 (Xbox 360) – 1UP
51atrAxEVlL._SS400_.jpgHalo 3’s campaign is better in every way imaginable. Subtly beautiful, rich and lush graphics, a heart-pounding orchestrated score, new weapons, vehicles, and enemies…and even better enemy and teammate A.I… Sure, no one aspect of the game is life-changing on its own, but perhaps the package as a whole is. After all, Halo 3 has enough content to keep you stuck to your controller for weeks, if not months or even years. Looks like we won’t be finishing the fight anytime soon after all.

Good times. Did we really play that many FPSs this year…on the Xbox 360 no less? [image]

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