Frontlines Oz Collector’s Edition Goodies, Up Close

Frontlines Oz Collector’s Edition Goodies, Up Close

ffw_shirt.jpgI may have neglected to mention that on Thursday I spent a significant chuck of the afternoon playing Frontlines: Fuel of War multiplayer on Xbox 360. I’m writing my impressions as you read this. Expect them before the end of the day, or slightly before the end of the day.

Until then, here’s a few of the freebies the THQ guys gave out at the event. Above is the “Drone to Kill” T-shirt that comes with the Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition and after the jump you’ll find the poster (with added thong goodness) packed into the PC and 360 CEs.ffw_poster.jpg


  • damn, I thought you meant we actually got some thongs in the collectors edition. Now that would be a great aussie promotion!

  • Ah. I don’t think that’s the actual poster getting packed into the CE though. I’ve got some 150 FFOW posters sitting here ready to hand out at Reloaded 08 (gaming LAN) tomorrow that don’t have the game art on the bottom.

    I kind of like the t-shirts actually. They’re simple and don’t scream I’M A PROMO ITEM – like caps does.

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