Game Controllers Make the Best Movie Props

DSCF0712.JPG We've never seen Earthstorm. Thankfully, commenter Scazza has! And on his new TV at that. While watching it, he noticed something very, very familiar. He writes:

just watching this horrid B-movie about the moon getting hit by an asteroid when I spotted something fun filling in as some sort of control console in a NASA command-like room. I probably would not have noticed it if I had not have JUST got an HD-PVR today for my 3 day old 1080p Bravia. Anyway, its pretty funny how out of place this Steel Battalion controller looks, but then again, this movie is supposed to be a disaster movie but its filled with some of the worst CGI I have seen in awhile. It doesn't help that Steven Baldwin is one of the leads.

And look at that, Scazza's even provided a handy comparison! Let's hope the Earthstorm producers work the Power Glove into the sequel. That would be so bad.


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