Game Obsession Blamed in Xbox Baby Murder Trial

Game Obsession Blamed in Xbox Baby Murder Trial
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Video game obsession is what lead to the beating death of 17-month-old Alayiah Turman, an Assistant District Attorney said yesterday in the closing arguments of Tyrone Spellman’s murder trial.

“(Spellman’s) entire life and daily routine is about playing (Ghost Recon).

“What do you think someone with that kind of obsession is going to do when it gets knocked over? What do you think is going to happen?

“The skull fractures on that baby are what happened.”

Prosecutors say that Spellman was obsessed with video games, that he played them up to six hours a day. They say that in September 2006 Spellman beat his daughter, Alayiah Turman, to death after she knocked over his Xbox 360 while he was playing Ghost Recon.

Spellman’s defense attorney cast blame on the child’s mother and said that the confession was coerced. The case was handed to the jury yesterday afternoon, but they had still not reached a verdict last night and were set to return today to continue deliberation.

Jury talking in infant-death case [The Philadelphia Inquirer]


  • LoL he kill a baby just cuzz his Xbox 360 got fucked wow. I will understand for PLAYSTATION 3 a good sytem but a Xbox come on is that a joke Xbox 360 was gonna die anyways. What a moron now he will be in jail for ever jackass. Xbox 360 is not even good is mad boring what a idiot PS3 another case.

  • You’re so right, I mean if a PS3 got knocked over, at least there wouldn’t be any games in the PS3 that would get broken!

  • I play games very much (over 6 hours today in fact), and I can say as a gamer that his man was obviously mentally ill, and would near certainly have had problems – even an addiction – if it weren’t for the game. It doesn’t take a grade A psychiatrist to see that.

  • To blame games for what people do is retarted, people have free will so they can decide to or not to do something, if he’s the one saying it’s because of the games he need’s to grow some Jatz cracker’s and take responsiblity for his action’s.

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