Gamefly Testing Trade-Ins

gameflymail.jpgWe all know that GameFly replaces having to run out to the store and buy a game with the convenience of having to wait several weeks in a queue for AAA titles, but what about our old games? They just sit there, gathering dust and making our entertainment centers look all varied and colorful. Well soon GameFly might even be able help with that. The company has been testing a game trade-in service through select customers, allowing gamers to ship in their used games in for credit towards membership fees and purchasing other used games. The folks at Joystiq contacted GameFly, who gave them the down-low.

We've been testing a trade-in program for a few months now. When we are convinced that there is sufficient consumer demand and the customer experience is highly robust, we expect to make it available to all our members.

Of curse other websites have had this sort of system in place for quite some time, and as the article states GameFly's used prices don't bode well for trade-in values. Convenient possibly, but I still think eBay will still be the most profitable way to go when you're clearing out shelf space.

GameFly testing pre-played trade-in program [Joytiq]


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