Gamer Tries to Build Nuclear Reactor in Home, Feds Not Happy

Gamer Tries to Build Nuclear Reactor in Home, Feds Not Happy
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A Texas man, described in television reports as a gamer and out-of-work computer whiz who redesigns video games, received an early morning call from the FBI and Nuclear Regulatory Commission after word got out that he was trying to build a small nuclear reactor in his house.

The feds were alerted after the man blogged that he had some uranium and that the background radiation in his home had doubled.

The man is an out-of-work computer whiz who redesigns video games. He said he started studying physics around the eighth grade. He said he is a science buff who is fascinated by nuclear reactions and radiation.

“These things are in your tap water, you know, in the dirt,” he said. “You could hold a Geiger counter up to a banana and get a count off of it.”

He said he has always been curious about how things work and likes to do his own experiments.

The man decided to create a small-scale nuclear reaction in the same room he plays his video games as his latest experiment.

“People do it in universities all the time,” he said. “It’s just not usual that somebody does it outside of a university.”

After a brief inspection of his contraption the feds left the man alone, taking his experiment at his parent’s request.

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