Gamer Fuel Part II: Snickers Gets Caffeine

2217448321_14833d1a3b.jpgGamers and caffeine go together like, well, any type of person person with any other respectable drug addiction. That's why we're letting you know about this Snickers Charged candybar. In a slightly shrunken Snickers body, this version has been fortified with taurine and B vitamins, as well as 60mg of caffeine—about what you'd find in a cup of coffee.

And in complete honesty, on a freezing winter afternoon with only bits of diffused sunlight shining in my home, there's nothing in the world that sounds better than living up to every gamer and Midwestern stereotype, chowing down on this heavily modded sugar rush and loading some UT3. Personal sponsorships welcome.

Snickers Charged [Candyblog via BoingBoingGadgets]


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