GameStop Stock Is Smokin' Hot

gamestopdollars.jpgIf you are interested in getting in on a little hot GameStop stock action and were waiting for a good time to sink some money into the company, between now and January 10th would be ideal, according to two industry analysts. Both Arvind Bhatia of Stern Agee and Leach, and Mike Hickey of Janco Partners believe that trends indicate a strong holiday earning period for the Texas-based company, and that means that purchasing before the company announces said earnings next week.

Hickey said the GameStop's holiday period typically represents 75 percent of Q4 reported sales, which means that "the street is looking for $US 2.027 billion in holiday sales, or +17 percent year-on-year."

What it all boils down to is you, your family, your friends, and a ton of complete strangers bought a ton of gaming gear over the holiday season, and with GameStop games equals gains. While personally I limit my gambling to betting on whichever Super Bowl team has the most attractive uniforms, those so inclined may wish to partake while the partaking is palatable.

Analysts: Buy GameStop Shares Now [Next Gen]


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