GameStop Targetting Casual Gamers Hardcore In 2008

nintendogs_bundle.jpgIt has been made readily apparent by GameStop COO Daniel DeMatteo that retailer GameStop considers the burgeoning "casual" gaming market one of the bigger opportunities for growth. But what are they planning to do about the broad customer base buying the Wii and Nintendo DS? Well, we're still not quite sure what management is up to, but analyst Colin Sebastian says the company is "making progress" in its efforts. Whether that means droning on at the start of each phone call "Thank you for calling EBgames, where you can trade in your copy of Wii Play toward Wii Fit" or something more severe we don't know, but GameStop certainly has its work cut out for it.

Maybe management could consider laying off on the aggravating tactics ingrained into current GameStop clerks who are forced to shill surcharges of questionable value. The phrase "merchandising to a broader consumer audience" could be interpreted as just about anything, but the company would probably be wise to consider making the experience a bit less sour. Any other suggestions?

GameStop Gets Casual in '08 [Next-Gen]


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