Gaming Chairs Evolve: Witness The Gaming Ottoman

boompod.jpgOne thing that the Consumer Electronics Show isn't lacking are adequate gaming chairs, the kind that gently caress ones bowels with a precisely placed subwoofer in an effort to "get you in the game." This year's CES will be no different, I'm sure, but it will bring at least one gaming chair advancement to the gadget-loving public's attention: the gaming ottoman. Known as the Boompod from Boomchair, it appears to pivot, in an attempt to appeal to the more animated, more spastic gamer seen in television commercials and print ads. Expect plenty of the annual gaming chair coverage you crave and have come to expect from Kotaku when we touch down at CES 08 next week. Rump-on impressions of the Boompod will be posted as soon as is humanly possible.

LumiSource Bringing Gaming Ottoman To CES [Gadget Lab]


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