Gaming's Greatest...Horses

barbiehorse.jpgGreatest horses in gaming history? Sure, why not. MTV's Stephen Totilo, aware of the pivotal role they've played in so many of our gaming adventures, is compiling a list of the medium's most memorable steeds. Or, at least, every horse from a game he can remember. And while there are the usual suspects (Agro, Epona) and some unusual - but welcome - suspects (Sunset Riders), I think the list could have done with a few additions.

fog.jpg Where, oh where are the unstoppable cavalry from Microscope's Fields of Glory?

reddead.jpg And Red Dead Revovler? Sure, the highlight was riding a bull at Annie's ranch, but who's going to let a technicality like that stand in the way of things? Not me, that's for damn sure. If you've got any suggestions not already included (*ahem* Barbie Horse Adventures *ahem*), pop on over and let him know.
Help Us Name The Greatest Horse In Video Game History [MTV]


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