Gates: Live Outage a "Hiccup"


Sure Microsoft's recent Xbox Live issues ticked off a bunch of new Xbox 360 owners and led to the company promising to hand out a free game down the line, but it was really just a hiccup says Bill Gates in a recent interview with sister site Gizmodo.

Actually we're not entirely sure what he says. He seems to start speaking tongues halfway into his whole reliability-issue-was-a-hiccup comment. He says something about downloading curve, or something about him, or maybe he mentions peanuts, it's hard to say. But he definitely does call the Live reliability issue a hiccup. Can anyone else make sense of the full comment? Maybe he's spilling some beans about why Live was out. This is what I got:

Xbox live, which was immensely risky, we hadn't been in the hardware business. We even had a hiccup in terms of ahhhhh... me not downloading curve... on that one reliability issue we ran into it. But Xbox alone has been fantastic success. A huge asset for the company.

BIll Gates Explains the Difference Between Microsoft and Apple [Gizmodo]


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