Gearbox Cares, It Really Does

randypitchfordsmu.jpg Back in late December, I visited Gearbox's Dallas headquarter. Nice digs. The company looks like it's doing well, growing — especially with a handful of big titles coming out this year. That doesn't mean Gearbox isn't giving back! Oh, no. The company is giving $US 50,000 to help establish the Fellows Scholars program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. This financial support will entail support for art creation, level design and software programming for graduate students. Gearbox will also mentor for students during their study. The dev even donated an audio lab to SMU. Says Gearbox honcho Randy Pitchford:

The only thing growing faster than our industry is the critical need for new and creative talent. I think it is clear that the videogame industry has the vast financial support and consumer demand it needs to continue its global growth. But what I and many industry leaders are very worried about is hiring and retaining world class talent.

Since 2004, 15 SMU grads have joined Gearbox. Good for them. Good for Gearbox. Win, win!
SMU Program [GamesIndustry]


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