Gears Of War Gets Novel Prequel

gearsnovel.jpgIf you were wondering what exactly happened to Marcus Fenix before the events that transpired in the blockbuster Xbox 360 hit Gears of War, you might be getting a little more insight come August, as Del Rey readies Steven L. Kent's Gears of War - The Pendulum Wars: The Battle of Aspho Fields. The first in a planned trilogy of prequel novels for the game, the book will presumably cover the Pendulum Wars - a series of skirmishes between human countries that led to COG taking over the planet. The trilogy is being penned by Steven L. Kent, author of The Ultimate History of Video Games as well as his own series of Clone novels, which centers around a future where the Earth's colonies throughout the galaxy are policed by a clone military. Let's just say the series is in very capable hands, as long as Kent can get the right balance of steroids-to-profanity going.
Gears of War Pendulum Wars The Battle of Aspho Fields [ via NeoGAF]


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