German SingStar Is A Living Hell

singstarski.jpg SingStar in English is bad enough. Sure, every version of the game released thus far has had one or two tolerable, maybe even memorable tracks, but on the whole? Complete drivel. The German-language SingStars, though...well. After the jump are some of the tracks featured on SingStar Apres-Ski, a Europe-only edition of the game released last year. Europe, Germany, pop music, singing, you know where this is going. Enjoy!

First up, Ein Stern, by DJ Ötzi & Nik P

Next is Cowboy Und Indianer, by Olaf Henning

And last, but by no means least, is Finger im Po, Mexiko, by Mickie Krause. And yes. "Finger Im Po" means what you think it means.

[thanks Oliver!]


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