Get Your Fat On: Fatworld Coming Out Monday

fatworldcharacter.jpg Ian Bogost's Persuasive Games is releasing their latest serious game addressing (surprise!) the issue of obesity on Monday. Entitled Fatworld, the game purports to examine the " the relationships between obesity, nutrition, and socioeconomics ...." During his guest editor stint here at Kotaku, Bogost described Fatworld as "something like Animal Crossing meets Super Size Me."

By choosing your character's dietary and exercise habits, you can experiment with the constraints of nutrition and economics as they affect your character's general health. Will it be wheatgrass and soy? Or fried chicken at every meal? How much can you afford to spend on food, and how does that affect your general health? Characters who eat poorly will get fat. Characters who don't exercise will move around the world more laboriously. Disease and death will eventually ravage players with poor health, while those with good health will live to a ripe age.

Sounds ... weighty, on a number of levels. We'll see what public reception is like in a few days.

Prepare to Fatten
[Water Cooler Games]


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