Gibberish Japanese in Resident Evil Movie

Native English speakers often poke fun of the strange English found in Japanese advertising and whatnot. What about strange Japanese? Reader Andy was watching Resident Evil Extinction when he noticed the above sign. Those that don't read Japanese will go "meh" and move on. Those that do will open a can of WTF. Andy explains:

Note that the Kanji has absolutely nothing to do with "Tokyo Metro" or "Zatoichi Square". It looked like they picked random characters out: 夜空雪風 "Night, sky, snow, wind" and 考楽火月星 "Thought, music, fire, moon, star." If it was Tokyo Metro it would be written 東京地下鉄 or 東京メトロ. I'm not sure about Zatoichi Square, because it doesn't actually exist. But there's a series of films called Zatoichi (座頭市), a blind swordsman. So I guess it might be called 座頭市ズスクウェア.

Maybe I wasn't the only one that noticed it. But anyway, I found it hilarious, it's as if they didn't expect people who know Japanese to watch it. Idiots. Or maybe it's some post-apocalyptic Tokyo where all the characters are changed and don't make sense anymore. Congratulations, Paul W. S. Anderson and his team!

Yes, congratulations! Your ability to mangle the Japanese language has impressed us all.


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