Gizmondo Rising Again In 2008? No, Says Gizmodo

Gizmondo Rising Again In 2008? No, Says Gizmodo
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gizmondo_rebirth.jpgLike you, brother site Gizmodo was recently informed of a web site for Gizmondo Live, one that promised a rebirth of the dead as a doornail handheld from Tiger Telematics. The reason for so many folks becoming familiar with the site that promises a new Gizmondo with an “open source environment” and “exciting psychic worlds” that will “democratise gaming” may be due to the prison release of a former executive. Regardless, hints that Gizmondo will rise from the ashes are greatly exaggerated, says sister site Gizmodo.

They rumour smash the whole scenario, from bullshit quotes from former execs to poor Swedish sources to theories that the site is the work of a prankster. There’s not much in the way of hard evidence, but we genuinely hope that no one sinks their money into such a poorly considered venture.

Gizmondo Is Dead, Dead, Dead. DEAD and Not Coming Back [Gizmodo AU]


  • PLEASE I would kill for this device and that game that allowed you to put buildings down and have battles on your own table by using the camera!


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