Gizmondo Rising Again In 2008? Yes, Says Plextek

gizmondosideways.jpgDespite yesterdays excellent rumour smash performed by our sister site Gizmodo, it seems like the doomed Gizmondo handheld is destined to return to the market, thanks to the efforts of UK electronics design firm Plextek. Eurogamer spoke this morning with Plextek's technical director Ian Murphy, who confirmed the rumored resurrection.

"There are a few things to do, and it will be a while before that happens," Murphy continued. "But yes, the product has been recovered from the liquidators and we are bringing it back to market."

Murphy contends that the only reason the Gizmondo failed in the first place was an overall failure to get the product to market - a failure they plan to rectify later this year. While most of the Gizmondo folks - including convicted criminal and car abuser Stefan Eriksson - will not be attached to the project, former Gizmondo Europe chairman Carl Freer is fully on board. All I can say is that now is the perfect time to reintroduce another handheld to the market, what with how much the PSP and DS are struggling...oh wait.

Gizmondo is coming back - it's official [Eurogamer]


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