God Of War Dev Heads For Hollywood

barlog.jpgLate last year, God of War II dev Cory Barlog left Sony. Then proceeded to drop off the face of the Earth, with only a small teaser posted on his blog offering a hint as to where he'd slinked off to. That hint was fleshed out a little on Friday, however, with Barlog indicating that while he's still going to be working in the games industry, he's also going to be doing some film work:

I am going to be doing some work in games as well as in film. I started out wanted to work in film way back when. Unfortunately I worked on some stinky projects that made me question whether or not I really wanted to be in film. so I decided to take a break from film and go to do some work in games...Now that I have more free time and freedom to explore other things I am going to be taking full advantage of it.

Barlog stalkers and those holding out misplaced hope he's working on a God of War film will be interested to know he plans on revealing more info on this film work in the next month or so.
Questions, Questions, Questions...[Barlog's Blog]


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