God Of War II Producer Says Kratos "In Good Hands" For III

barlog_on_gowiii.jpgCory Barlog, formerly of Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica studios and God of War II-producing fame, has ended an extended period of blogging silence following his departure from the developer. In today's update to his personal blog, Barlog reveals that his "whole departure from Sony was not exactly the ideal route that I wanted to go, but in the end I think it is the absolute best thing I could have ever done" and gives a status update on the third proper Kratos adventure.

The producer writes that fans can "rest assured that [God of War III]is all in good hands," heaping praise on the Santa Monica team who will undertake the inevitable sequel. As far as known progress on GoW III, Barlog reveals that "immediately after I finished God of War 2 I was already working on the story and design for the third game."

He indicates that the third game in the series proper will wrap up the series' main story arc, ending with "very big, very epic bang." Is anyone else thinking Kratos foursome?

Here's to hoping that the series will finally make the jump to the PlayStation 3 and that we'll get our hands on God of War III in some form before year's end. And that free copies will rain down upon the staff. Plus, I want a pony.

Welcome Back! [Barlog's Blog]


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