Got Problems With The Orange Box On PS3? Valve Wants To Know

orange_box_ps3.jpgValve may not have handled development duties on the contentious PlayStation 3 version of The Orange Box but it now seems more than willing to address whatever issues owners of said version are having. An official feedback thread on PS3 specific complaints has been opened to allow players to "suggest changes and tweaks" giving additional hope that a patch is in the works and will fix not only surround sound issues, but make for an allover better experience for those playing Portal and Half-Life 2 with a SIXAXIS.

The most prominent complaints, unsurprisingly, come in the form of frame rate stuttering and loading times. Connectivity reliability and support for achievements are also common requests, but those with thoughts on the matter should head over to the official forums and make your voice heard. Rock the vote and all that.

[PS3]Orange Box Suggestions / Tweaks & Bugs / Issues [Steam - thanks, hatchetforce!]


    Since I'm not buying any Valve game...ever. Let alone Orange Box. I could care less about what scrambling they're trying to do afterwards to fix their mess. Screw that company entirely.

    Sounds good. I've been avoiding this until I heard that they were even considering fixing the issues.

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