Grab Savage 2, Play Free (For A While)

savage2.jpgInterested in a game that does everything – FPS, RTS and RPG? If you mix that many genres together, you must get something at least a little fun to play, right?

Well, here’s your chance to find out. S2 Games has just made available its genre-jumping title Savage 2: A Tortured Soul to anyone with the will and an Internet connection to nab it.

According to S2, players may enjoy the game free of charge, for a period of five hours, after which they’ll need to pay $US 29.99 to continue playing online. However, it looks like the game supports unlimited LAN play on the free version, if you’re more than happy to mess around with 5-17 friends in the local vicinity.

To download the game, you can either create a free demo account, or an activated one for $US 29.99. The game itself weighs in at 666MB, but the official site has a BitTorrent link as well as traditional HTTP download options.

Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul [Official site, via Blue’s News]


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