Grand Theft Auto IV Wanted Posters Popping Up In Brooklyn

gta_iv_wanted_poster.jpgRockstar Games has begun the "viral" portion of its Grand Theft Auto IV marketing campaign, posting convincing wanted posters on Brooklyn-area telephone poles featuring Niko Bellic, the game's protagonist. The poster warns that Bellic is "wanted for questioning in connection with a shooting at a nightclub in the Hove Beach area of Broker" explaining that the perpetrator is of eastern European descent "which narrows it down to about 95% of the Hove Beach community." The poster jokes "Even we can't arrest that many foreigners" and suggests that Bellic be shot on sight.

The GTA IV poster also features an e-mail address and web site for the Liberty City Police Department. While the site isn't currently up, the e-mail auto responder is. The response is after the jump.


Keepin' it classy, as expected, Rockstar.

Thanks for the photo, Chris!


    Ha! thats cool!!

    But why does it say under RACE: Caucasian??

    isnt he Russian??!!!?!!?!?!

    I have to agree that its some great advertising. Hopefuly we will see some around here in perth. Cant wait for this game (same as everyone else)

    This is rubbish, they shouldn't be allowed to pollute and little with this kind of crap. I think local garage sales are about as far as this kind of signage should go.

    No one cares. Go cry to Al Gore.

    f**k al gore and those liberal pansies he hangs with. That poster rocks...great idea Rockstar.

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