To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Let's Move to Texas, Daddy! (It's Safe)

One of the fun things about children (besides their painfully adorable naivety) is that as they grow and begin to take up new hobbies you discover that no matter your age, you can still grow too. Take for instance Tristan's recent decision to take up guitar lessons. We went and met with his instructor last night and discovered that he prefers, at this age, that the parent spend time practicing with their child. So now I'm taking guitar lessons too. Go figure. Hey, I know it won't hurt. I will, of course, now need to learn how to play Hotel California. I've spent the last day agonising over what sort of guitar to buy. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I don't want something that is absolute crap. The instructor recommended a Ruben Flores Guitar, but when I googled it I came up with almost no information, which sort of makes me nervous. I don't suppose you have any suggestions, I need a classical acoustic guitar.

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