Hail to the Chimp Cosplay Invades Iowa Caucus


Not content to stand idly by and watch the events in the world of human politics unfold from afar, two of the star characters for the upcoming Wideload Pants politics-politics-meets-minigame title Hail to the Chimp are heading out to the Iowa Caucus to get a handle on things first hand.

Woodchuck Chumley and Crackers the Chimp (who looks suspiciously like a current, high-level politician, will be on location at the Iowa Caucus Thursday covering the latest news for "GRRNews.com". The live coverage also coincides with the launch of the game's official site.

Publisher Gamecock promises that the team of crack cosplay reporters will be delivering election polls, gossip, stock tips and interviews with candidates. Man, I hope they have a camera recording when they go for their first interview with a real politician. I can't wait to see the look on Hilary Clinton's or Mike Huckabee's expression when faced with a grown man dressed up as a Woodchuck wearing a fake hair piece and carrying a live micophone. If bullets aren't involved it should be priceless.


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