Halo 3 Can't Count

halo3_bug.jpgYes, Xbox Live is experiencing its fair share of problems at the moment. Now, it looks like Halo 3 couldn't help but get in on the action with its only slice of crazy.

During the holidays, Ali sent us this smirk-worthy picture of the game wigging out and reporting over 7 million users online. I know Halo 3 is popular, but this is probably pushing it.


    I wonder whats causing live to be so unreliable lately.

    wow I know that guy

    Its not that theres so many people online , its that the guy cant even find 1 game!

    Its in the billions genius

    @Poncho: Are we looking at the same picture? I count seven digits, which last time I checked made it in the millions.

    No, it is in the millions. 7,602,251 genius.

    Um, we know just over 9million people have Halo 3, how is this number surprising?

    I keep getting disconnected from Live spontaneously during matches, which results in me losing EXP. Is anyone else finding this? I hope it isn't just an isolated problem.

    Well i wouldnt be surpised, my connection has been off since the 27th of december, and im at my friends house playing halo, and were playing with alot of new kids that just got halo for christmas.

    It dosnt surpise me if there was 7million people.

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