Halo Sword For Sale...Costs $US 125, Life And Soul

1201160283_92.jpgWe're sure that we have more than a few sword collectors in the audience—you know who you are because on your wall you have a few ninja stars, some Conan memorabilia and a duplicate of the Highlander sword. Why do you collect these things? Where do you find the money?

On a side note, said audience will probably find this Halo energy sword knockoff (spoiler: we know it's fake because it's made of metal) interesting. At 36" long and 14" wide, its stainless steel mirror finish is perfect for seeing the reflection of your gleeful (somewhat freaky) tears. Current bidding has the piece at $US 124.95. Yes, that may sound high, but after all, just what are your children's college accounts for anyway?

Halo Energy Sword [via hawtymcblog]


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