Halo Wars To Offer Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

Picture%2022.pngJuicy rumor of the moment: According to CVG, Ensemble Studios' RTS Halo Wars may support cross-platform multiplayer. Why is this rumor filled with so much sweet nectar? The game hasn't even been announced for PC yet. Apparently that tidbit may come during GDC next month.

And given Ensemble's rich history in the PC world along with the fact that many RTS fans will not touch the game without a proper keyboard and mouse, we wouldn't call any of this potential future all that crazy. Well, just maybe the part that we're supposed to care that a game offers PC/Xbox 360 cross-platform gaming. With all the LIVE users out there, such only seems like a benefit if the infrastructure supported lesser-played titles...which as of yet, it does not.

Is Halo Wars going cross-platform?


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